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Likes & Dislikes:
1000+ QSOs

-  Wire length  & shape is not critical.
-  'Ground Image' makes the loop functionally larger.
-   Tunes up with ease.
-   Static and lightning protection.

-   Not visible to the neighbors.
-   Works DX
      -  As Grounded Loop 160m to 15m
      -  As Inverted U, 160m to 10m

-   Very low maintenance
-   Cheap to build.
-    50 Ohm match on 80m & 40m: Grounded Loop
-   It is a rediscovery and something different.

-  Maybe lower efficiency in the Grounded Loop configuration.
-  Noise like any vertical
-  Tuning/Matching unit is required for the Grounded Loop config. at 160m and above 40m and when used as an Inverted U.

-  This is a fun and very useful antenna for a suburban size lot.  In  practice, I find that I work DX in the grounded loop configuration on all HF bands, even though the EZNEC plots suggest that the inverted U configuration should have an edge on 40m and above.  I surmise that my loop's local environment is having effects over the theoretical radiation plots.   

Grounded Loop Antenna
with an option for configuration as an Inverted U.

The grounded loop antenna (non-resonant, unbalanced), works well on the HF Bands . On 160m & 80m it acts much like a vertical with a counterpoise. On higher bands it seems to radiate like a vertical and somewhat less like a traditional vertical loop. It is oriented in the east to west plain.  I like to think of it as a FAT vertical.

Various and sundry radials provide for an extended counterpoise on the ground side of the loop. I have experimented with different configurations of radials. All the radials and return wires are mostly 0' to 4' above actual earth. Four buried 8' ground rods provide for a direct earth connection. Static charges are grounded out with this antenna design.

Inspired by:

The Novice Antenna Notebook, The Half-Wave Grounded Loop by Doug DeMaw, W1FB
ARRL 1988 First Edition pg. 87 – 88.

Notes on the Modified Half-Loop       L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

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Antenna & Ground Help by SGC


In the Grounded Loop configuration, this antenna radiates like a single element vertical.  The loop is referenced to ground at any and all frequencies. This has an effect on the angle of radiation from the antenna at any given frequency. We are forcing the position of waves created on the loop (at the feed point) to be maximized for current.  See the 1.8 and 3.6 MHz radiation plots below.

The antenna is supported by large fir trees native to the area.   As the trees sway in the wind, a system of pulleys and weights provide tension relief for the solid copperweld wire.

One can lift the far end from ground and operate the antenna as an inverted U.   The given dimensions allow the inverted U to radiate similar to a half square on 7.1 MHz.  See the 7.1 to 28.1 MHz radiation plots below.


< This illustration draws the comparison between a ground mounted vertical (Marconi) and the ground mounted loop. In both cases the "earth image" of the above ground vertical elements, complete the antenna electrically. The grounded loop is a ground image antenna. It is always a half loop with the other half an Earth Image. The term grounded half loop would be an accurate descriptor.  This antenna is inherently unbalanced like a ground mounted vertical or an elevated vertical with a counterpoise.

3d loop 80m

< The 3D EZNEC plot at 3.6 Mhz. This plot illustrates the familiar vertical radiation pattern.




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A near scale representation of my antenna.

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