Kathleen Roché-Zujko

Vocal Instruction
I know that you will be able to sing any style of music you choose if you have good technique. Good technique is the same, whether you choose opera, musicals or pop. We work on the tried-and-true basics; breathing, support, etc., via various exercises and on songs we choose together. We will prepare your audition pieces, and there will be opportunities for performance with other students.

Every singer needs to master the basics of singing technique, to have an understanding of breath support, placement and focusing of sound, and clear (but relaxed ) enunciation. Each basic element is a natural extension of the human speaking voice. Even without instruction, some people have an instinctive understanding of that natural voice. Others need to learn it.

An experienced voice teacher can show you what elements of your singing performance are strong and lead you to a more professional, polished sound.

Depending upon each client's long-term goals, we work on technique and repertoire hand-in-hand. As a trained voice teacher, I emphasize the basics: how and where they occur in exercises and in the repertoire.