Kathleen Roché-Zujko

Vocal Instruction
Each lesson is for an hour, and begins promptly at the appointed time. If I'm running late, we will work the full hour. If you arrive late, I can accommodate you only as it does not inconvenience other students. Please be punctual.

Lessons are scheduled weekly, usually at the same hour. Lessons at regular intervals are vital if you expect to make consistent progress. Make sure to schedule next week's lesson before you leave the studio each week. Confirm with me that your appointment is IN THE BOOK!

Missed Lessons: Cancellations are discouraged, but I know they are unavoidable at times. While I will never charge you for a missed lesson due to an emergency, you will be charged for a missed appointment, unless you speak to me about a conflict a MINIMUM of twenty-four hours in advance. That gives me the opportunity to rearrange my schedule. If you miss your lesson we try to reschedule during that week. Except in cases of illness or emergency, you are responsible for late cancellation of lessons and will be charged for the missed lesson.

Holidays: Generally, we don't miss lessons for holidays; we usually schedule around them. There are exceptions, so ALWAYS speak with me if in doubt, or to arrange a make-up. Remember, you WILL be charged for a missed lesson if you think it's a holiday and neglect to show up!

Payments: Each lesson is one hour.  $75./lesson.  Payment for your lesson is due at the time it is given. Let me know if you would rather work out a once or twice-a-month payment schedule.  Some scholarships may be available.


Kathleen Roché-Zujko

Vocal Instruction
For Singers, Actors and Dancers

4003 Montgomery Ct.
Mt. Vernon, WA 98274