Kathleen Roché-Zujko

Vocal Instruction
From a parent:

"Just wanted to mention that S. LOVES her voice lessons. B. and I both think her voice has already improved! ...We're very pleased so far. " S.K.

From Students:

"Kathy is hands-down, one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is positive, patient and extremely proficient at her craft. Through Kathy's teaching methods, I was finally able to site read and harmonize and conquer my biggest fear...auditioning! I have always felt Kathy was not only my teacher/coach, but also my personal cheerleader who gave me the confidence to find my voice. I cannot recommend her highly enough." A.S.

“I learned so much from Kathy. She is a very knowledgeable, professional and fun vocal coach to work with.” A.H.

"Kathy zeroed right in on proper vocal technique, proper breathing and diction. Vocal fatigue is now a thing of the past for me. I am forever grateful and still go to her for the occasional refresher course. She is a teacher that will bring out your true voice. Go to her!!!!" J.M.

"Kathy's positive energy is so contagious that she not only helped me improve my vocal skills but also greatly impacted my outlook and confidence in all other aspects of life. She has been an invaluable mentor to me over the years and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to hone their musical talents!" M.M.

"Kathy is my Diva voice teacher, because of her amazing voice. She is always extremely encouraging, teaches great technique, and is an overall awesome individual!" G.N.

"I have been working with Kathy for years and feel lucky that a friend referred me to her. Kathy has been patiently bringing back my voice after a long hiatus from singing. She is positive and encouraging while continually motivating me to improve. Her enthusiasm for teaching, her ability to bring out the best in my voice, and her joyous attitude toward life make her a treasure." R.M.

"Kathy was refered to me by the music director at B.C., he had a long list of music teachers but he said Kathy was the only one he would recommend for me. I was really scared going into my first lesson and it showed by how shaky my voice sounded, but right away Kathy was warm and encouraging. She made me feel welcome with her warm smile and kind words, but I also appreciated that she was firm and wouldn't let me get away with doing anything else short of my best. She always made me want to try harder. Kathy has been by far my favorite voice teacher. I admire her amazing musical talent, her kindness and patience. I am thankful for the way she little by little help my self esteem grow." Y.L.

"Kathleen Roche-Zujko is wonderful vocal teacher. I enjoy each of her lessons and always look forward to come to the lesson. Kathleen’s vocal techniques really work. She will teach you how to correctly sing your favorite song and learn sight reading. She does it in a fun and creative way that makes you want to learn and practice.
I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up so she can take the vocal lessons from Kathleen as well." A.H.